Wild Artisan Blue Shrimp Burgers – 4 Oz Patties (24) – Vital Choice – Seafood Delivery – Wild Seafood & Organics


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Sustainably caught in Mexico’s Gulf of California, the blue shrimp in our burgers is harvested using an artisanal technique known for having the lowest bycatch and fuel consumption per pound in the world. It’s processed following the highest international standards, ensuring good environmental practices, fair conditions for workers, and state-of-the-art methods and equipment. This allows us to offer the highest quality shrimp with the lowest impact on the environment. Patties are individually flash-frozen, vacuum-packaged, and ready to cook. Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA. Ingredients: Wild shrimp, organic extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, garlic. | Wild Artisan Blue Shrimp Burgers – 4 Oz Patties (24)