Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon Roe Ikura – 17 Oz Tray – Vital Choice – Seafood Delivery – Wild Seafood & Organics


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Vital Choice ikura is premium salmon roe that’s unpasteurized and cured in a custom 2. 5% brine. Orange with a subtle rose hue, roe from pink salmon is valued for its sweet, mild taste and long shelf life. Delicious with sushi, avocado toast, scrambled or deviled eggs, blinis with crème fraîche, latkes with sour cream, cream cheese on rye bread, and more. We source only the finest grade salmon roe, and we never add artificial colors, vegetable dyes, or artificial preservatives. Please note that consuming raw or undercooked fish or shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. Contains wild pink salmon roe, water, salt. | Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon Roe Ikura – 17 Oz Tray