Redtresca Canned Sockeye Salmon Bellies Wild – 3.75 Oz Cans (12) – Vital Choice – Seafood Delivery


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The caviar of canned salmon, our unique Redtresca – is inspired by traditional Italian-style Ventresca tuna and contains only the tender, luscious belly meat of wild Alaskan sockeye salmon. Known also as red salmon, wild sockeye is celebrated for its vivid color, firm texture, and bold flavor. Of the five Pacific salmon species, sockeye has the highest protein and vitamin D content per serving. Ours is sustainably caught in the icy waters of Alaska and tastes delicious on a salad, in a casserole, or straight out of the can. Ingredients: Wild Pacific sockeye salmon belly meat, sea salt. Kosher pareve (OU) . | Redtresca Canned Sockeye Salmon Bellies Wild – 3. 75 Oz Cans (12)