Alaskan Kelp Salsa – Campfire Campfire, 10 Oz Jars (2) – Vital Choice – Seafood Delivery – Wild Seafood & Organics


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As memorable as kicking back next to a toasty campfire with friends, this medium-heat salsa has a warm, smoky flavor with balanced sweet and spicy notes. The first ingredient is fresh bull kelp harvested from the pristine waters of Southeast Alaska. Crisp and umami-rich, kelp gives this salsa a savory flavor and fresh texture that sets it apart from other jarred salsas. Delicious on nachos, on eggs, in fish tacos, or straight out of the jar with chips. Ingredients: Alaskan bull kelp, tomatoes, onions, organic beets, water, organic tomato paste, organic agave, organic vinegar, organic granulated garlic, organic ancho chili powder, organic cumin, salt, organic chipotle powder, organic cayenne powder. | Alaskan Kelp Salsa – Campfire Campfire, 10 Oz Jars (2)